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The Delaware Valley Music Club is composed of women and men who share a love for all things musical. 

We include in our numbers people who have been professional and amateur musicians, music teachers and music students, and those who simply have an appreciation for classical music. 

Most of us were raised to have a love for all forms and types of music.  We believe that our lives and the lives of young people in our area can be enriched by exposure to a variety of music forms and composers.  We pursue this exposure for both ourselves and strive to provide this exposure to young people in the immediate Delaware Valley.

We encourage you to join us and share your interest in and love of music with us.  Single memberships and joint memberships are available and the membership fees are quite reasonable.  Our musical season runs from October thru May of each year.


Can’t join us as a Member?  Just remember that Guests are always welcome at our DVMC events.

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